Epic Ideas for an Unforgettable Buck's Night

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So you've been crowned the best man, and it's up to you to throw a party he'll never forget. Throwing such a party is no easy task; you need to have it all planned out and take all the variables into consideration. However, with enough information, you won't have such a hard time. All it takes is a little organisation and a foresighted mind. So if you're a best man wanting to do the best for your friend, then here are a few top notch ideas to get you started.

Take a Tour

One of the best ways to make the night a successful one is taking a tour around the city. If the groom particularly loves his beer, then you can hire a party bus and visit some of the best pubs and bars. This is also a great option if the guy isn't into any fuss and just likes to keep things simple. However, when selecting your bus for hire, get one that's a lot larger than you need to provide enough space for dancing and the girls (if they'll be present). You could even get one fitted with a DJ booth and amazing sound systems just to get the party to its optimum.


Most people don't get to try out skydiving, but it could be one of the most exhilarating experiences of all time. Going to such extremes would make the idea of marriage a piece of cake, and it'll be a lot of fun too. You could also try other extremes like bungee jumping or scuba diving. If you can't piece up all the details together, consider hiring a company to do all the organising for you. A number of companies are available to assist in organising outdoor activities.


Don't forget to have some sporting competition. Such activities bring out the best out of friends. You can pick whatever sport of your choice ranging from football and tennis to swimming and bowling. You could have designed t-shirts for each team and them a barbecue afterwards. Oh and remember, let the groom's team win. Well, they shouldn't know that of course.

Have a Book

Yes, it may sound really off, but a notebook is a really valuable thing to have. If you're looking to carry the wonderful experiences with you all your life, then get one. After the few days of partying and touring, try and remember as much as you can about the experience and play a game with your buddies to determine the 'champion of the party'. Jotting down the details will reveal how much you guys actually did. 


28 March 2016

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The kids were on our backs for a while to go to a theme park. We finally got some leave approved from work so we took a trip up to Queensland to see as many as we could in two weeks. We aren't millionaires by any means so we needed to keep this trip to a tight budget, so it's a good thing I'm an expert at finding great deals. This blog shows all of the planning that should go into family traveling and trips to places like theme parks. I hope you find it useful when planning your next getaway!