Why Revamping an Old Pub Sometimes Needs to Be a Delicate Balancing Act


If you've looked at a listing for a pub for sale and thought it might be the opportunity you have been looking for, you have two key decisions to make if you decide to go ahead. Do you run the business as is, or do you revamp it in an effort to attract new clientele? If you opt for the latter choice, it's important to acknowledge that revamping a pub sometimes needs to be a delicate balancing act. While the business might not have been generating as much revenue as was desired in its former guise, a total revamp can be problematic. You run the risk of alienating the pub's existing patrons, and there is no guarantee that your plans will result in a significant number of new patrons either. There is also the highly pertinent point that a complete overhaul will be a costly exercise. So why is revamping an existing pub such a delicate balancing act?

Selective Overhaul

It can be advisable to update certain facilities as opposed to doing anything that could conceivably diminish the atmosphere and nostalgia of the existing pub. Patrons, whether they have been coming for years or are first timers, would more appreciate something like new restroom facilities as opposed to a total overhaul of the interior. The same could be said for new seating. It freshens up the existing space without overtly changing it.

The Colour Scheme

If the existing colour scheme works, then why mess with a good thing? A new paintjob is about the easiest and most inexpensive way to freshen up an existing space, but you don't necessarily need to change the colour as such. Consider repainting with variations of existing shades of paint instead of completely changing the colour. You will have an approximate idea of the end result, and it should simply be a fresher, cleaner version of the interior prior to painting.

Repurposing Dead Spaces

Any so-called new additions to the pub are a way for you to make your mark on the business. Again, you don't want to sacrifice the pub's character, and yet you can add something new to the pub's existing personality by utilising dead space. Is there an outdoor space that can be made into a beer garden? Does the pub's bistro (if applicable) generate enough revenue to justified its continued existence? And if not, could this area be converted into a games space (snooker and darts)? Identifying new spaces within the pubs existing framework that can be repurposed allows for new additions to a tried and tested establishment. It also allows you to increase your pub's capacity.

Of course, when you buy a pub the decision about what to do with it is entirely yours. But sometimes it's a case of less is more when it comes to revamping an old pub.


28 March 2017

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