Bareboat Yacht Charter: Five Things You Should Confirm Before You Depart

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Are you planning to charter a yacht without its crew? Read on and discover some of the crucial things you should make sure are catered for before you set off from the marina.


Make sure that you have the charts that you will need to guide you as you sail to the different destinations that you have selected for your vacation. It is also advisable to carry extra charts to different destinations in case you and your colleagues decide to alter your plans once you have set off.

Navigation Equipment

Lots of personal navigation equipment is now available to people who want to sail the yachts that they have chartered for a holiday. For example, you may have portable GPS plotters that can ease the navigation task as you travel. It is a good idea to test this equipment before you leave the marina. Backup equipment can also come in handy in case you experience an equipment malfunction while at sea.

Base Operator Notification

Yacht charterers should always notify their base operators of their planned itinerary. This information will enable the provider of the yacht to track your movements and come to your aid in case you get a problem. For example, they can ask their contacts at a nearby port of call to search for you in case contact is lost while you sail. Alert the base operator of any changes to your plans once you set off.


It is also important for you to have sufficient amounts of money to buy provisions at the different ports of call that you will visit. You should get money in the different relevant currencies so that you will not have to look for where you can exchange the money once you reach your destination. Estimate the cost of the provisions that you will need for each leg of your charter and build in an extra amount so that you are not short of money when you go shopping for needed items.

Safety Equipment

Ensure that all the people who will be helping you to operate the chartered yacht are competent in the use of the different pieces of safety equipment, such as flares and life jackets. It is also prudent to identify all the members of your party who cannot swim so that adequate emergency plans can be made for them before you set off.

Chartering a yacht without its crew places a heavy responsibility upon you as the charterer. It may therefore be advisable for you to hire an experienced captain to shadow you on your first solo vacation so that you have competent help at hand in case of any difficulty. You can then be confident that future charters will be incident-free once this maiden trip goes well.


29 June 2017

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