Bareboat Yacht Charter: Five Things You Should Confirm Before You Depart

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Are you planning to charter a yacht without its crew? Read on and discover some of the crucial things you should make sure are catered for before you set off from the marina. Charts  Make sure that you have the charts that you will need to guide you as you sail to the different destinations that you have selected for your vacation. It is also advisable to carry extra charts to different destinations in case you and your colleagues decide to alter your plans once you have set off.

29 June 2017

3 Benefits of Renting Serviced City Accommodation

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If you are planning to visit a big city, you may be trying to decide if you should book a stay at a local hotel or a serviced apartment. While a serviced accommodation may not have a concierge on the front desk, many do have contact telephone numbers you can call if you need any assistance with booking taxi cabs and finding out about local attractions. Below is a guide to 3 benefits of booking serviced accommodation rather than a hotel.

18 April 2017

Why Revamping an Old Pub Sometimes Needs to Be a Delicate Balancing Act


If you've looked at a listing for a pub for sale and thought it might be the opportunity you have been looking for, you have two key decisions to make if you decide to go ahead. Do you run the business as is, or do you revamp it in an effort to attract new clientele? If you opt for the latter choice, it's important to acknowledge that revamping a pub sometimes needs to be a delicate balancing act.

28 March 2017